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We Deliver!

Presentation of GLS Slovenia: We deliver!


Flexibility, connection and trust are the words that best summarize the vision and business goals of GLS Slovenia. Because in the end, only one thing matters: We deliver!

We build trust with our customers on a daily basis. Trust that lasts. Trust in a service that enables an individual to connect with the world, sell goods in an international environment and open new markets. Trust in a service that seems simple at first glance - delivery of parcels: to the right address, at the right time, safely and in reliable manner.

This seemingly simple service involves many people who, regardless of any obstacles, strive for one and only goal on a daily basis: to satisfy their customers and their recipients with the necessary resources and procedures by developing and implementing new solutions.

Because customer satisfaction leads to trust and confidence is the common denominator of our business all over Europe. At the same time, we are flexible in our business, as we are aware that there are no two countries in the world where the same rules apply. At GLS, we implement European distribution links between business senders and their recipients. GLS provides fast and smooth delivery for standard and express parcel distribution.


Domestic parcels are delivered within the standard 24-hour deadline. We offer customers a complete service with flexible delivery. We also provide additional services that customers can use according to their wishes - even across national borders.

In addition to the international sorting centre in Ljubljana, we provide a dense network of warehouses in domestic and cross-border traffic. This enables the smooth transport of parcels within the GLS system.

Time is an increasingly important factor in modern parcel delivery logistics. At GLS Slovenia, recipients are informed in advance of the exact delivery time of the parcel, so they have the option to choose the most appropriate delivery method. Because at GLS Slovenia, we treat our customers as partners. Partners that can express themselves in our collaboration.

We provide recipients with various control options regarding the delivery of their parcel: they can move the date or location of parcel delivery according to their needs, or we can change the delivery address and deliver their parcel to one of the GLS Parcel Shops or a GLS Parcel Locker. There are already more than 400 collection points in Slovenia and they are located in shopping centres and smaller, local shops, as well as at petrol stations and in densely populated residential neighbourhoods. The story is not over yet, as we are constantly expanding the network of GLS Parcel Shops and GLS Parcel Lockers to various locations across the country.

Information technology is the key to success in an age of comprehensive online and mobile communication. The GLS system provides customers with convenient IT solutions. We follow the principle of openness: regardless of the information system used by the customer, we are ready to collaborate. Because we want to make it easier for them to send parcels with GLS.

In Slovenia, we are committed to supporting the business of our business partners and offering our customers a complete service. We are constantly trying to meet the challenge of gaining and maintaining the trust of our customers. In the case of any questions, we are available for our customers. Also in person. We are proud to offer complete services.

Anything can be written on a piece of paper. Regardless of what is written, we prove in our daily business that only one thing is important for GLS Slovenia: We deliver!