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GLS business units throughout Slovenia enable you to drop off and collect a parcel

Locations and working hours of our business units (Monday to Friday):

In case you miss the courier and you have a parcel ready to be sent the same day, you can do it at different locations across Slovenia. Business units are accepting parcels approximately until 18.00. The procedure for sending a parcel is the same as if the courier had picked up the parcel at your home. Prepare the parcel in advance, pack it properly and stick the carriage voucher on it, and hand it in at the GLS reception point.

Of course, you can also pick up parcels at GLS Depot business units. If the recipient wants to pick up their parcel at the GLS Depot business unit, they can choose delivery upon receipt of the message with access to the online delivery manager Mojpaket.eu. We keep the parcel in the regional warehouse of the GLS Depot business unit, where the parcel then waits to be collected for up to 5 working days.