• Cash on delivery

Cash on delivery

You can also send a parcel via Posljipaket.si that is payable with cash on delivery

When sending the parcel, the sender can implement the method of paying for the goods in the parcel after collecting it - with cash on delivery. This choice is especially welcome for anyone who sells e.g. used goods through advertisements.

Cash on delivery is a type of transaction in which the payment for goods is made at the time of delivery. If the buyer does not make the payment when the goods are delivered, the goods are returned to the seller. They can pay in cash or with payment and credit cards. Cash on delivery payment is made through GLS Slovenia.

Shipping with cash on delivery allows the buyer and seller to reduce the risk of fraud or non-payment. The buyer is allowed to pay for the purchased goods upon delivery, instead of paying in advance. GLS receives the payment and then forwards the funds back to the sender.

Cash on delivery is a convenient and affordable payment option for recipients, as they can pay for and pick up parcels right at home or at points of sale across the country - GLS Parcel Lockers in GLS Parcel Shops .

Payments for received parcels using payment cards are accepted by the GLS couriers, at GLS Parcel Lockers and at selected point of sale -  GLS Parcel Lockers and GLS Parcel Shops. – GLS Paketni trgovini.